Earth Science for Society

Our Team

The ESfS organizing committee members are all geoscience volunteers.

ESfS Organizing Committee Chairs

Organizing Committee Chair – Brodie Sutherland
Brodie is a Professional Geologist with Hekla Consulting Ltd., where he helps develop mineral exploration projects around the globe. He is looking forward to helping youth understand the Earth Sciences and encouraging them to explore our fascinating exhibits.

Brodie is responsible for the overall coordination of ESfS including project management, meetings and minutes and status reports. He keeps things organized and on-track to ensure the success of ESfS.

Organizing Committee Vice-Chair – Glenn Malcolm
Glenn is a Professional Geophysicist who has been working in the oil and gas industry for over 30 years. He has served on the CSEG executive for two years and many years as a volunteer guide with ESfS guiding young students around the exhibits. This is his first experience on the ESfS Organizing Committee.

Glenn acts as alternate for the Chair in all areas of responsibility.


Venue & Logistics Chair – Jennifer Welsh
Jennifer Welsh has been working in the Oil and Gas industry for the past 16 years and has had wide variety of experience, ranging from working at Front End Seismic companies to an EP company. She is currently working as an Associate (consultant) at RPS Canada, working with the Consulting group as the Senior G&G and Engineering Technologist. Jennifer has volunteered with the CSEG on the JGF (Junior Geophysicists Forum) for over 10 years and continues to do so. This is her first year on the ESfS committee and she is looking forward to the experience.

Jennifer coordinates our venue and logistics needs. She is responsible for booking the facility and on-site goods and services, coordinating the ESfS on-site space, security, and emergency response requirements, and establishing designated staging areas for schools and buses.

Venue & Logistics committee: Jennifer Welsh, Gerry Langille

Sponsorship Chair – Julia Davison
Julia Davison is a professional geologist, currently working as a consultant. Julia has a master’s degree from the University of Calgary and a bachelor’s degree from the University of British Columbia. Over the past ten years, Julia has worked on petroleum basins across the country such as unconventional ‘shale’ and conventional Cretaceous reservoirs in Western Canada, offshore reservoirs in Eastern and Arctic Canada, and CO2 storage potential in Ontario and Quebec. Julia volunteered as a guide at the 2016 ESfS event and is excited to share more about the world of geoscience at the 2017 event.

Julia is responsible for leading the team which solicits funds from donor companies; donations which allow ESfS to remain financially accessible to the targeted school and youth group audiences. Julia also ensures sponsor recognition during the event, prepare the sponsorship brochure, track sponsorship and exhibitor progress, apply for grants and help coordinate the post-event Thank-you booklet.

Sponsorship committee: Julia Davison, Zuzana Marcakova, Shahin Jabbari, Diane Lespinasse Fung, Maria Eugenia Bastidas Mora, Annette Milbradt, Daniel C, Meaghan Wright, Nanna Eliuk

Exhibits Co-Chairs – Melissa Sawyer and Rebecca Haspel
Melissa is a Geologist-in-Training and just completed her Master’s of Science in Geology at the University of Calgary. She has worked several summer internships at Taqa and Apache in their New Ventures and Development teams, and is currently a junior geologist consultant. She enjoys mentoring others and providing insight from her experiences as a student in geology.

Rebecca is a Professional Geologist at Total E&P Canada. Her background includes oil sands mining, geotechnical drilling, and surficial geology/geomorphology. She enjoys opening young minds to the world around them and also helping others to explore and discover the natural world.

Rebecca and Melissa are responsible for helping recruit ESfS exhibitors to ensure a fun and dynamic exhibition. They will assist in preparing the Exhibitor brochure, lead the team that solicits for ESfS exhibitors, developing the pavilion and exhibitor floor plan, compiling exhibitor requirements for venue and logistics, preparing the exhibitor kit, coordinating the exhibitor summary, coordinating on-site assistance, compiling the exhibitor feedback surveys, and contributing to the post-event Thank-you booklet.

Exhibits committee: Melissa Sawyer, Rebecca Haspel, Alyssa Middleton

Marketing Co-Chairs – Sarah Mah and Daniel Wennerstrom
Sarah graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BSc in Geology and a minor in Business. Her background is in Canadian mineral exploration geology and she currently works as a management consultant developing strategy and data analytics for a variety of sectors. Sarah is a registered Geoscientist-in-Training with APEGA and has a passion for bringing Earth Science to those who have may not have the opportunity to experience it otherwise.

Daniel is a 2014 graduate from the University of Calgary, with Bachelor’s of Science in Geology and Natural Sciences (Biology and Chemistry concentrations). He is a registered Geoscientist-in-Training with APEGA and has a keen interest in all sciences, applying them to geology. Daniel has been part of the ESfS Marketing team since January 2015.

Sarah and Dan develop the marketing and communication plan, work with the marketing team to prepare all collateral material and advertising, connect with external youth groups, ensure consistent ESfS branding and communication, develop signage requirements, develop and compile feedback surveys, organize the welcoming committee and coordinate the post event Thank-you booklet.

Marketing committee: Daniel Wennerstrom, Sarah Mah, Ashlea Parker, Renu Sahota, Ryan Day, Nikala Jonsson, Michel Nzikou

Volunteers Chair – Doug Hackbarth
Doug received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1971. He has practised hydrogeology in Alberta since that time.

Doug is responsible for soliciting and coordinating volunteers, preparing volunteer reference documents, preparing and managing the volunteer schedule, coordinating volunteer on-site requirements, providing on-site briefing, compiling feedback from volunteer surveys, and recognizing volunteer efforts.

Volunteers committee: Doug Hackbarth, Jeff Packard, Jinny Donovan

Program Delivery Chair – Kenneth D’Silva and Vice-Chair – David Germscheid
Kenneth is a Geoscientist-in-Training with 8 years of experience in Canada, India and Malaysia, both onshore and offshore. His background is in geology, seismic interpretation and geomodelling. He is looking forward to introducing the youth to the different facets of the exciting world of the Earth Sciences.

David is a Professional Geophysicist with 14 years of oil and gas experience in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. He has enthusiastically volunteered for ESfS for many years in various roles, including working with the exhibits committee, volunteering at the Yukon Dan booth, and guiding school groups through the exhibition.

Kenneth and David are responsible for coordinating all aspects of student visits. They coordinate school sign-ups and communications, prepare the school rotation schedule, compile volunteer guide requirements, coordinate buses, prepare school packages and provide them with an itinerary letter, prepare geoscience reference materials for educators, create the Scavenger Hunt Booklet, work with exhibitors to prepare Q&A for the booklet, coordinate bag stuffing, and compile materials for the students bags and the teachers’ bags.

Program Delivery committee: Kenneth D’Silva, Helen Isaac, David Germscheid, Lisa Fuenzalida, Rick Green

Budget & Finance Chair – Annette Milbradt
Annette is a Professional Geophysicist with Tourmaline Oil Corp. She is a Director for the CSEG Foundation and also volunteers with other CSEG Foundation Outreach initiatives.

Annette is responsible for preparing the budget, assisting with coding payables, and tracking revenues and expenses to ensure that ESfS stays on budget.

Budget & Finance committee: Annette Milbradt, Marissa Whittaker

Speakers Chair – Aliya Kairzhanova
Aliya graduated from the University of Calgary in 2015 with a BSc in Geophysics. This is her third year volunteering with the ESfS committee and she is very excited to raise awareness and educate the community and its youth about the Earth Sciences.

Aliya is responsible for arranging and coordinating the geoscience speakers for the Sunday Geo-Theatre.

Speakers committee: Aliya Kairzhanova