Earth Science for Society
An adult's hand holding Trilobite Fossils to show to a younger student.


Activities, Games & Resources

Animals Of The Florida Everglades

Bringing Earth Science to Life teaching units

Canadian Geographic Education EnergyIQ

Canadian Space Agency – Inspiring resources for young people

Classroom Ideas: The 30 Best Science Websites for Grades K-12 [includes Earth Science]

Daily LEGO challenges

ENERGIZE! Electrical Principles and Technologies with an Emissions Lens – Grade 9 Science Unit D Lessons Plans by ENERGYminute

Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants

Fascinating Experiments

Geoscience and Canada – Understanding Our Earth: The vital role of Canada’s geoscientists

Geoscience puzzles

Groundwater and Earthquake Faults Demo

Interactions and Ecosystems – Grade 7 Science, Unit A by ENERGYminute (scroll down)

Interactive Ancient Earth Globe: What did the Earth look like many millions of years ago?

Journey to the centre of the Earth – on a toilet roll!

Live animal camera feeds from around the world

MindFuel wonderville activities

MineralsEd Career Series

NASA Wavelength – Resources Collection

Outcropedia – The online public database of the best outcrops in the worlds

Seismic Waves explained using a Slinky

Showcase of Nova Scotia Fossils and Geology | Nova Scotia Museum

Simply Science | Natural Resources Canada: articles, podcasts, videos, vlogs

Taphonomy: Dead and Fossilized – An educational palaeontology board game

TELUS World of Science daily science experiments

What are our choices for supplying energy for the future?

Where can the Geosciences take you?

WHERE Challenge


The Mountains, the Rocks, the Oil & Gas

Geoscape Posters (Posters showing the Geology of Cities/Regions of Canada)


AGI (American Geosciences Institute) – Why Earth Science [6:36]

AGI (American Geosciences Institute) – Video Series

3-component Seismograms — Capturing the motion of an earthquake [2:53]

Earth – Geologic Time Scale [3:44]

Geology in Motion – Meandering River in Peru [1:16]

Geology in Motion – Video Series

Moment Magnitude Explained — What Happened to the Richter Scale? [5:39]

Our Freshwater Future (TED Talk about using Geophysical Methods to locate groundwater) [16:19]

Simply Science, Natural Resources Canada’s digital magazine

What Drives Plate Tectonics? Overview of processes [6:53]



Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences

Earth Learning Idea