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The next ESfS Exhibition is being planned for Fall 2022.

ESfS 2020 Poster ESfS 2020 Overview

View the Calgary Journal article and video from last year’s ESfS event here [2:20]
ESfS 2019 Article and Video

Who We Are

The Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) Foundation is excited to be organizing the Earth Science for Society (ESfS) exhibition in Calgary Alberta. The ESfS organizing committee members are geoscience volunteers.

What We Do

This is a free, family-friendly event and you are all invited to visit our four themed pavilions including Energy for Us, Resources and You, One Dynamic Earth and Our Future! ESfS showcases hands-on, interactive exhibits demonstrating the importance of the Earth Sciences in our everyday lives. During the event, geoscience volunteers actively guide youth groups and junior high school students through the exhibits, providing opportunities to learn about Earth Sciences and about potential career opportunities.

ESfS Vision

The Earth Science for Society exhibition will inspire an understanding of Earth Science which is fundamental to public appreciation of responsible consumption, resource management, natural hazards, climate science, and environmental issues.

Knowledge of Earth Science is crucial for responsible collaboration by geoscientists, governments, and companies to find and develop resources for the products and infrastructure that we use in our daily lives.

Increased science literacy is essential for the students of today as they are the decision-makers of tomorrow and the future caretakers of the Earth.

The Purpose of the Event

  • > To expose students and the public to various aspects of Earth Science in a fun, educational and interactive way.
  • > To inform students about education and career options.
  • > To demonstrate how Earth Science plays a critical role in our society.
  • > To make the connection between responsible resource development and the things we depend on every day.

Date and Location

Fall 2022

Calgary, Alberta


Geo-Theatre & Speakers

Geo-Theatre admission is free!

The Geo-Theatre will showcase geoscience presentations. Topics will be geared to the public, especially families with students in grade 7-9. Seating is available for 200 attendees.

Thanks to the Speakers who planned to present in 2020.

Program information

Sunday March 15, 2020:

1:00 – 1:20 pm – Dale Leckie

2:00 – 2:20 pm – Roots 2 STEM

3:00 – 3:20 pm – Dale Leckie

SPEAKER: Dale Leckie
Author and Adjunct Professor, Department of Geoscience, University of Calgary
Topic: Rocks, Ridges, and Rivers: Geological Wonders of Banff, Yoho, and Jasper National Parks

Topic: Search for Life in Space


Speaker Summary

How to Contribute

Do you enjoy volunteering with youth? ESfS needs volunteer guides to escort grade school students throughout the exhibit. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us at

To donate online, please click on the button below and select “Earth Science for Society (ESfS)” from the dropdown list of specific funds:

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